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Hi. I'm Dany and I'm 26 years old.

I was born in Belgium, my mother is vietnamese, my father is italian, and I'm currently living in France.

After an Engineer School at ESIEA specialized in Information System, I've chosen the Double Degree program in MIT (Management of Innovation and Technology) at Grenoble Business School.

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My skills

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Configuration OS
Setting up different OS : GNU/Linux (Debian, Kali, Ubuntu), MacOS X (from Leopard to Yosemite), Windows (from 1995). Use regular VM tools like VMware or Parallels.
Networking skills
Cisco Certified Network Associate 1 to 4. Setup and configuration of Cisco products: hubs, switches, routers, TCP/IP and other connected device.
Security skills
Integrity, confidentiality, stenography, cryptography, hashing, firewall, VPN, pentest, ..."The best way to be safe, it's not to believe the security" - Thomas Fuller
Programming skills
Knowledge functional programming language(C, VBA) and OOP (Java, PHP 5), Databases (MySQL), CSS / HTML, Microsoft Office pack (mail merge, Pivot Table, VBA)

My experiences

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I'm currently living near Paris
Cellphone:+33 6 45 68 34 99
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